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Value KPI


When Excellence is Your Top Priority

monitor and optimize

If Excellence is Your Top Priority

Then you need to know where you stand to have a healthy supply chain operation.

It is mission critical for supply chain professionals to continuously monitor and optimize their supply chain operations. 


Reach for the Stars

We offer the following sample KPIs & metrics for all sizes of hospitals, systems, and IDNs:

  • Inventory turns
  • Supply expenses
  • Cost per supply categories
  • Departmental cost per category
  • Spend control
  • Warehouse cost
  • Fill rate
  • Inventory days on hand
  • Customized KPIs & metrics 

why we do it

Why Does Benchmarking Work?

  • Benchmarking is founded on accounting principles
  • Cost divided by operating metric equals cost per metric
  • Compare the metric to the best practice metric
  • The difference will show whether you are good, bad, or best practice level
  • You can ascertain savings or bottom line improvement quickly


Benchmarking is Not a One Time Event

Benchmarking one time will show great benefit but ongoing benchmarking will help you capture the always moving target once and for all

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